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Mentoring Practice and Policy

The goal of the center is to advance both the production and uptake of evidence-based practice in the field of youth mentoring. We accomplish this goal through the production of research, the facilitation of collaborations, and the dissemination of evidence-based resources.

Advance our Understanding of Youth Mentoring

  • Conduct rigorous research on mentoring programs and practice, including the conditions under which it is most effective
  • improve the translation of evidence into program, practice, and policy
  • Identify and fill gaps in the knowledge base of evidence-based mentoring
  • help train the next generation of youth mentoring researchers

Facilitate collaboration and exchange across constituents

  • collaborate with mentoring and youth development researchers, practitioners, organizations, and policy experts in way that increases information sharing and advance evidence-based practice
  • create forums to facilitate information exchange and collaboration amongst mentoring researchers, practitioners, and others affiliated in the field

Increase the dissemination of evidence-based resources

  • create user-friendly research digests, practice tools, and policy recommendations on youth mentoring
  • create, disseminate, and revise user-friendly evidence-based trainings and resources


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