Welcome to the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring. The Center is dedicated to creating the open and efficient exchange of research and ideas. In doing so, we seek to advance the production, dissemination, and uptake of evidence-based practice in ways that improve the effectiveness of practice and, ultimately, create stronger, more enduring mentor-mentee relationships.

This mission aligns with the sage comments that of Father Donald J. Monan, Chancellor of Boston College, made last year at UMass Boston Chancellor Keith Motley’s breakfast, launching the Center:

I simply wanted to say a word to confirm what the Chancellor was talking about earlier – the importance of the Center. I’ve been involved for about 20 years, going all the way back to the beginning of the National Mentoring Partnership….We heard this morning the importance of someone who is a scholar and has a scientific methodology to reflect on what works and what doesn’t. The richness of the evidence is critical to improve the outcomes for practitioners. So that the further this goes on, the more we need a Center.